Lugano CoffeeHouse by Hayaki

Hi world~ I'm still in my holiday and relax mood in my hometown~ Y(^_^)Y

Today, I'm finally able to visit Lugano CoffeeHouse which launch by one of my old fren (handsome gold turtle plus "single" in my gang, lelong~~lol..kidding..kidding..he gona kill me i guess XD)

I ady can imagine his face while he know I'm expose his photo here..but I'm still decide to go for it because who ask he is the boss?! ψ(`∇´)ψ

The environment here is nice~while there is a high temperature outside (⌒-⌒; ) , I'm not feeling wanna leave here since I come in 

I quite wondering how and where he get tis metal stuff in his shop (¬_¬), but it is totally a signature decaration in the

My mum is busying with the food menu..


We came here for high tea, so not really order much food..
I order a hot mocha for myself

                                   Hot Mocha RM 8.90
Personally feedback, their mocha is not enuf choco for me, but the taste still not too bad

My mum order a iced cappucino~

                                     Iced Cappucino RM 9.90

My mum super super love it, she drink it all in a short

Last but not least, we order some food for ourselve mum was attracted by their egg benedict photo in the menu, so here is it~

                                       Eggs Benedict RM 14.90

The top is nice, I love the juicy of their "yellow egg" (☆_☆)

Just i am............with the burger bread (plz fill the the blank by ur own XD)

Conclusion, it's still a good choice for me to have some place, nice environment, nice coffee to blogging~~miehahaha

As usual, selfie for ending (≧∇≦)

With love, XOXO

Info for Lugano CoffeeHouse

Location: PT792, Sec 27, Jalan Kebun Sultan, 15300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Contact: 09-747 8877

Business hours: 9am - 1am


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