Lugano CoffeeHouse by Hayaki

Hi world~ I'm still in my holiday and relax mood in my hometown~ Y(^_^)Y

Today, I'm finally able to visit Lugano CoffeeHouse which launch by one of my old fren (handsome gold turtle plus "single" in my gang, lelong~~lol..kidding..kidding..he gona kill me i guess XD)

I ady can imagine his face while he know I'm expose his photo here..but I'm still decide to go for it because who ask he is the boss?! ψ(`∇´)ψ

The environment here is nice~while there is a high temperature outside (⌒-⌒; ) , I'm not feeling wanna leave here since I come in 

I quite wondering how and where he get tis metal stuff in his shop (¬_¬), but it is totally a signature decaration in the

My mum is busying with the food menu..


We came here for high tea, so not really order much food..
I order a hot mocha for myself

                                   Hot Mocha RM 8.90
Personally feedback, their mocha is not enuf choco for me, but the taste still not too bad

My mum order a iced cappucino~

                                     Iced Cappucino RM 9.90

My mum super super love it, she drink it all in a short

Last but not least, we order some food for ourselve mum was attracted by their egg benedict photo in the menu, so here is it~

                                       Eggs Benedict RM 14.90

The top is nice, I love the juicy of their "yellow egg" (☆_☆)

Just i am............with the burger bread (plz fill the the blank by ur own XD)

Conclusion, it's still a good choice for me to have some place, nice environment, nice coffee to blogging~~miehahaha

As usual, selfie for ending (≧∇≦)

With love, XOXO

Info for Lugano CoffeeHouse

Location: PT792, Sec 27, Jalan Kebun Sultan, 15300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Contact: 09-747 8877

Business hours: 9am - 1am


  1. Hi! This is certainly an informative post! It seems you had great time in Lugano coffee house! Your pictures have stimulated my desire to get my Switzerland tourist visa ASAP. I cannot wait to plan my Lugano tour now!



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