龙船庙-Dragon Ship Temple

Today, I went to the famous drogon ship temple which located nearby thailand in my hometown ( actually I not really sure about the name of temple, just i call it since i was a child XD)

今天的目的是要给老弟的新车"冲凉"-『给外州人讲解下,这应该算是吉兰丹人的习俗吧,就是新买的车最好先给庙里的和尚净化过,那么你的车就会受到庇护,不会遇到车祸或灾难等~ 』
today mission is bring my bro new car to temple for "bath" -『explanation for outsider ppl, this can assume as kelantan folks culture, while someone was bought a new car should bring to temple and let the monk pray for ur car so that the god will protect ur car away from accidents~』

                              the monk will bath for the car owner before clean the car ~

                              then, is the car turn to be "bath"~

the monk just take some kind of "lidi" and a bucket walk around the car and mumblering about the spell for few minutures then the whole ceremony was done~ easy and simple right?

ofcourse, we pray in the temple before we left~ actually dragon ship is not the only one in the temple, there are few temples and all with "shining golden" decoration!! after look at the pic, then u will understand I'm not over describe it~



除了拜拜,庙里还有出售许多开光过的佛牌,信徒可以买一个戴在身边当作一种庇佑,还可以当作做个善事,因为购买佛牌的钱都是放进香油桶里的,所以是不存在任何的商业因素~而且这里佛牌的效应都很好。姐从小到大都有戴类似佛牌的习惯,老实说,一路走来都还蛮顺利的,走到哪都会遇到贵人呢 =]
beside praying, there are selling some amulets which can protect u away from bad luck, and those money will be collected as charity for the temple. I'm being wearing this kind of amulets since i was a child, and be honestly, I'm always the lucky star, and i do belief my amulets really works =]

Once you have chosen ur amulet, u can give to the monk in the temple to "clean" it. Because they cannot have any body contact with us, so I just can put my amulets in a bowl, and let him "chean" them for me.

The amulets I get is fortune goddess, they belief that fortune goddess can bring wealth luck to u if you pin it inside ur clothes everyday, it's very helpful for those who doing business yo~

今天就分享到这里咯~就拿这个冰淇淋面包作为句点吧 XOXO 
That all for today, let's this icecream bread as an ending for this post  XOXO

                                       the taste of my childhood memory


Bonus time for all evilshadow blog reader~

Very appreciate with all the support from my dear reader, as a return reward, i decided to give out the fortune goddess amulets which get from the dragon ship temple yo~

由于招财女神牌只有四个,其中的两个是留给姐和我家的男人,所以送出的女神牌只有两个 (⌒-⌒; ) 想拥有女神牌的亲们,就必需加油咯~只要能完成姐所定下的任务,其中两位幸运读者就能获得姐从龙船庙带回来的祝福咯~
There only four amulets I get from the temple, two of them will be keep for my boy and myself, so another two will be given out to my dear readers~ if you keen to own a fortune goddess amulet, you need to complete some mission from me, and two of the lucky stars will be chosen to receive my blessing from dragon ship temple yo~ 

This offer just open for Malaysia's reader ya~

Step 1-you just need to leave a comment below this post with the content " I prefer jenny can write some article about....."

第二步-点以下的链接,赞姐的专业然后在墙上留言 "我想要获得姐从龙船庙带来的祝福~"
Step 2 -click the link below, link my page and leave comment on my wall "I want to receive Jenny's blessing from dragon ship temple~"
                   『Jenny's Beauty Tips

两位幸运读者名字姐会逐一地在专业『jenny's beauty tips』上公布,女神牌将在13/6寄出给被选中的两位读者哦 (^_-) 被选中但是无法在24小时内回复的读者将会被取消资格并重选,所以亲们要时刻留意姐的专业动态哦~
Two lucky star's name will be showing on my page 『Jenny's Beauty Tips』,and the amulets will be post out by 13/6~ for those readers who have been choose but fail to reply in 24 hours will be disqualified and rechoose , so remember to keep your eyes on my page yo~


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