Playboy Fragrances x Belvedere- Vodka Party of the year

Dear all~ I just move my blog to a new home~yay~

因为最近加入了Malaysia’Hottest Bloggers团队,
This is because I am joining Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Team recently~

Plus my holiday is coming soon~ that why make me super busy ><

Okey, lets share what function I had join by yesterday~

昨天出席了Playboy Fragrances x Belvedere- Vodka Party of the year,这是姐加入了MHB后的第一个活动,所以超兴奋的哟
The first event for me after joining the MHB groups is Playboy Fragrances x Belvedere- Vodka Party of the year, it is super crazy, and I just realise that I had being a long time dint club!!!

The whole party was super high and I met lot blogger friends there 

 Playboy "Sexy" Male Model 

New meet MHB Members


Kelly Lee


Crystal Liew

lol..Me with my little yellow toy!! so sharp ya XD
just get it by last week~ will be intro it in a new post ya~

最后,很感谢MHBFounder/ Managing Editor Tim Chew 让姐加入团队~姐会好好加油的~亲们也要支持姐哦~XOXO
Last~really appreciate that the Founder/ Managing Editor from MHB, Tim Chew let me join their groups! I will do all my best~girls~ remember to support me yo~XOXO


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